Thursday, December 22, 2011

For my Baby Girl or . . . You're Not Home For the Holidays

Dear BS and PJ, or PJ&B, whichever way you guys abbreviate yourselves, Merry Christmas!  We SO enjoyed being with you last year, but now that you're married and live a zillion miles away and can't make it here to visit this year, we're taking here to you, via electronic miracles that didn't exist fifty years ago.  (Somehow I find it ironic that old fashioned Christmas cheer is being spread by new fangeled technology!).  Whatever the case, WE LOVE YOU GUYS, miss you and wish you the most joyous of Christmases!

Last used at your wedding.  
Don't worry, the new stockings are in the works.  :)
I added led candles in jars and around this group this morning.  LOVE the led's!

This is the little red maple that had to be sacrificed to build a fence to keep the horses out of the orchard.

LOVE what the girls did here!

Foyer Tree

Dining Room Tree -  love the look with the blue stuff
I couldn't bear to put away Mama New's quilt after Thanksgiving so its been blinged up some for Christmas.

 Charlie Brown Satsuma Trees

Cloe's the best decoration of all in light of the recent break in's around here.  And last of all . . . .

The Girls miss you and Send their Love.
Your parents do too!

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