Friday, December 2, 2011

Long Time, No See

I have obviously been remiss on my blogging intentions.  What happened?  Well, lets see -beekeeping,  my mother visited for 6 weeks, our garden kept us canning for weeks on end, our bride to be came home and, oh yes, a WEDDING!!  Then there was after wedding shock, candle sales going viral, extracting honey, sick for a month, fall farmers market . . . in short, life happened. 

That being said . . . rather than bore myself (and you too eh?) with more words about my semi-insane life, please enjoy some handmade photos from my absence.

 Ranunculus stems from a well known national chain store whose initials are WM. We enjoyed them "as is" in a hollow stump "vase" a long time . . cutting them was hard till they started looking like this . . .

 A few of many  boutonnieres for the groomsmen, fathers, preacher  . .  and the lily for the groom.

Burlap and ranunculus corsages for all the moms.  In case the above photos seem vaguely familiar, my friend Sonja (  was involved in planning and execution of many details of the wedding and shared them earlier this year. We had a blast making all the flowers.   Many, MANY thanks to Bonnie Horton who did the wedding photography for sharing her awesome photos shown below. Check her out at

images copyright Bonnie B Photography

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