Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater . . .

2010 was the Year of the Pumpkin at my house. After rescuing a half dozen huge "pig pumpkins" (slightly blemished pumpkins destined to feed a farmer's pigs) and canning a LOT of pumpkin, I realized that I really liked having pumpkins around the house for color and general ambience. Here in the deep south (LA as in lower Alabama to be specific) pumpkins don't grow well, don't keep outside very long due to our humidity, and generally have to be trucked in.

Thanks to a hand me down craft magazine, I found wonderful instructions for creating handmade pumpkins out of fabric - recycled fabric to be specific. The photo shows what I was able to make out of one fleece hoodie (left by one of the kids friends how many years ago) and one lined linen dress ($1 at the thrift store). I had them out maybe ten days before it was time to decorate for Christmas. The good part - I'll have pumpkins for years!

2011 will the the Year of the Funky Pumpkin. Our holiday thrift store visits while in South Carolina yielded a fun assortment of plaids, polka dots, stripes and prints. I can't possibly use all the pumpkins it will yield and will be making them available on as I get them made.

So stay tuned . . . . !

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  1. Ros, I haven't had any problem growing pumpkins, especially pie pumpkins in L.A. Give them a try and they do keep for a few months. We now have pigs and plan on growing and scrounging up some pumpkins ourselves. Great blog by the way.