Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chocolate Sin

I should mention that we have an upcoming wedding in our family. I'll share photos of the happy couple another time, but for now, we have "the kids" (I'm not sure how much longer I can get away with calling them that) for another week before they fly back to college. The engagement was official Christmas day and winter break turned into a madhouse wedding planning event.

In determining what things were important to them to include in the festivities, a particular cake came up. Apparently it's the specialty of a staff member at their very small university in the middle of the woods, and the gentleman has graciously shared it with the rest of the world.

So we did a test cake to see how it would fly as a wedding cake. I made it last night, let it cool on a plate under a cover as instructed, frosted it this morning and it's all gone tonight. Seriously.

You've seen the photo. Here's the link. A couple of notes in case you're compelled to join me needing a bean cake support group . . .

1. Don't use vegetable oil. Mr. Gaugler apparently doesn't know that cooking with vegetable oil is VERY unhealthy. I used canola and "the kids" couldn't tell the difference in taste.

2. My texture was heavier than what they were used to. Could be the oil, could be that I used bread flour. Could be both. But then again, it didn't affect the taste.

3. If you make fresh strong coffee, make sure it's cooled sufficiently not to cook your eggs when you combine the liquids. No - I didn't cook the eggs doing that. I just thought it worthwhile to mention.

4. Next time - 50% more frosting/icing.

5. I'm in love with egg meringue powder. First time I've used it.

The unfortunate thing about this (besides none of us restraining ourselves "testing" it) is that *sigh* I have to make it again. This time was to test the recipe and it passed. Next time I have to test what type pan it will cook ok in. What a sacrifice. I guess we'll just have to suffer through it.

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