Monday, June 9, 2014

The Burlap Saga Continues

When I was in college I was given the task of decorating a table with a theme and a budget for making it happen.  My theme was Thanksgiving.  My budget was $10.  I bought burlap, a basket type cornucopia and I don't remember what else.  Long after the activity was completed I still had burlap and a basket. (and I see that basket's twin sisters every time I go into a thrift store -  and you have too!)

Loved the burlap. Mine was the only table with a natural fiber cover, or any fiber for that matter as the rest were all done in paper. It wasn't the showiest, or the flashiest, but it was real.  Burlap wasn't particularly fashionable at the time, but I was a farm girl and didn't care.

You can imagine my amusement a few years ago when burlap became the hot decorating item.  So hot that my fashion savvy daughter chose it as a major component for decorating her wedding.  (See previous blog posts  for photos!)

The wedding came, was sweet, and went, and so did she.  North in the same general region I went to college, and the happy couple is now settled into their first "house" home.  So you can imagine my sweet amusement a few days ago when she proudly sent photos of a recent diy project.  Maybe you can spot it.

I don't know about you, but I like those curtains!  And I like the  minimalistic, vintage, bookish style these two call home. 

So that's how burlap has played out so far in the next generation for our family.  It will be fun to see in the coming years where other favorite things show up and how they are incorporated.

For some great ideas using burlap visit my Pinterest board on that topic.

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